Why the Hot Tub Cover is Necessary for Safty?


Generally speaking, a hot tub needs to be equipped with a safety cover as standard. Many spas and swim spas that are placed outdoors without garden shelters will always have leaves or other dirty things falling into the water. A cover must be added to fundamentally solve the problem, it can not only prevent dust, but also keep warm and waterproof, and can also build a safety barrier for children.

This is the key reason why we have to use a hot tub cover, especially for children and pets, and some people who can't swim.

In most of countries, drowning is usually the most common cause of accidental death among children aged 1 to 4 years. With the spa cover or swim spa cover, you can keep 100% safe for children and pets, even if you are playing alone by the hot tub, you don't have to worry too much. 

The greatest heat loss in a hot tub starts with evaporation from the water surface, since water needs energy to change from a liquid to a gas, and the only energy in a pool is heat. With the addition of a spa cover, the heating costs of the hot tub can be significantly reduced. According to data, compared with a hot tub without a spa cover, a hot tub covered with a spa cover effectively and completely prevents evaporation, while reducing the heating cost of the hot tub by as much as 70%. Especially when used indoors, it can effectively reduce evaporation and humidity. Since the water does not evaporate, the chemicals in the hot tub do not evaporate with the water, which reduces water consumption, saves water, and allows the use of clean water with fewer chemicals in the pool, especially for allergies disease and people with sensitive skin.

Why the Hot Tub Cover is Necessary for Safty?

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