Safety Production Training after CNY holiday 2023


Every year, the whole China will experience a long holiday, the Chines New Year, which is a time for family reunion and enjoy the time with friends.

It's very normal for Chinese people to travel far away from home to work in another city. People miss their family, and CNY Holiday is a culture to stay with family. So no matter how far away, people will travel back hometown just to meet their loved ones.

It's the most longest holiday every year.

In year 2023, the Spring Festival starts from 21st-January, and last at least till end of January.

In Shining, considering most of our staffs works far away from home, we will offer a 3 weeks holiday for everyone, just to wish they can enjoy their family time.

And in February, everyone will come back one by one. To assure production safty, we held a full training system of working safe. When accidents happen, we will know how we can protect ourselves. This is very important, every staffs pay high attention to study during training.

Safety Production Training after CNY holiday 2023

Below are some of the courses for reference.

1. Fire accident site emergency response plan

2. On-site emergency response plan for electric shock accidents

3. Emergency response plan for fall accident site

4. On-site emergency response plan for mechanical injury accidents

5. Emergency response plan for object strike accident scene

6. Emergency treatment plan for scalding accident site

7. On-site emergency response plan for personal casualty accidents

8. Emergency response plan for environmental pollution incidents

9. On-site emergency response plan for acute infectious diseases

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